Death Run 3D (1.85 MB) 103,519번 플레이됨 아케이드, 일인용, 어드벤처, 액션, 3D, 달리기, 무료, Unity3D, Blocks,, WebGL, IDnet highscore, IDnet save, IDnet achievements, Adrenaline
This game requires Unity3d logoUNITY 3D plugin for high quality 3d graphics directly in your browser. It is 100% free and safe. More information on Wikipedia.
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게임 설명:

Death Run 3D is an extremely fast game for true skillers only. If you love hardcore games, this game is the right for you. You fly inside a tube with various blocks and almost each of them is movable. Your task is avoid them. Gaps between blocks are very short so swift responses are the only way to success. The game shows your score in Global worldwide leaderboard so you can try overcoming yourself and with other players around the world,over and over. It is very addictive.

Deadly Note: -Quick reflexes and steady hands are necessary to succeed!

게임 컨트롤:

Arrows/WASD/ZQSD to move.

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